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Project Director: Kathy Laurenhue


Purpose: Wiser Now aims to promote healthy aging by using a lighthearted touch to help you (and/or those you serve) make new connections in your brain (Keep your curiosity alive) and new connections with others by sharing the exercises and talking about what you learn, because a strong social network is one of the top three keys to aging well.


Kathy Laurenhue, is CEO-Chief Enthuiasm Officer, of Wiser Now, Inc. (Backed by Science & Fueled by Fun), can help CLLs develop a playful mind while creating new connections in your brain and new connections with others by sharing the exercises. Use props. "When I write a trivia quiz, it is never primarily about helping participants gain valuable new knowledge. The goal is lighthearted fun, and the topics are chosen because people are likely to have an opinion about them. I am not at all interested in whether you get the answers right, but I am hoping the topic stimulates a lively discussion among those it is shared with. Trivia quizzes, word games, puzzles, and even wind-up toys (when used purely because they make us laugh) serve as props for helping us to connect and get to know one another better.



at the intersection of science and the art of laughter.

Laughter Arts & Sciences Foundation

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