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Mission: To make the AATH conference accessible for one deserving awardee each year

Donations to this Starfish project support the Steve Wilson Certified Laughter Leader Scholarship, which was established by a small group of CLLs and contributes towards an annual winner's registration fee for the AATH conference. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted, but the first 10 donors who contribute $50 or more will receive one of Steve’s valued silk ties as a bonus – and then you will be able to “Tie One On!”


The Scholarship is for any current Certified Laughter Leader (CLL, CLL-E, or CLL Trailblazer) who wants to add value to their own CLL practice.  Applications are available through the Scholarship tab on the AATH website here.


The recipient in 2018 was Nandi Wilson, and here’s what she had to say about her experience attending an AATH conference:


Laughter has made me strong and courageous. I started my journey of finding my purpose in this world. As I was walking along life’s path, I came across World Laughter Tour and found my tour guide, Dr. Steve Wilson a year ago in September 2017. As I continued I found the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  What a joy, a real conference for Laughter professionals! I became the first recipient of the Steve Wilson Certified Laughter Leader Scholarship and attended my first conference.


How do you share your heart in just a few words?  Here we go, I feel supported by a community, family, and friends.  I have access to resources that have helped me build team building and self-confidence programs.   Because of my decision to join World Laughter Tour and AATH, as a result I am laughing all the way to success and a better Laughter Professional.


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