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Project Director: Steve Wilson, MA, CSP

Director of Development: Saundra Maisey, CLL-E


Established in 2003 to support educational, scientific, and general awareness projects that promote the understanding and application of healthy laughter. FREE materials, directories, and financial support application available at website.



(1) To promote education and training about the benefits of laughter, humor and mirth.

(2) To promote public awareness of the value and importance of laughter, humor and mirth.

(3) To promote research that will improve our understanding of how & why laughter, humor and mirth work effectively in human beings.

(4) To enhance the contribution of science and the arts to the understanding and appreciation of laughter; to support and create programs that capitalize on laughter to improve human relations, peace, and harmony in the world.

at the intersection of science and the art of laughter.

Laughter Arts & Sciences Foundation

(800) 669-5233