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Project Director & Founder: Masako Kusakari, Japan


Purpose: To increase the number of smiles in Japan


Masako Kusakari is a trainer who teaches humor and communication, both in English and her native Japanese. Her class "Humor and Communication," helps people improve their sense of humor. Inspired years ago by a nurse's humorous comment following a personal injury, and by national disaster, Kusakari felt the need to let people know about the power of laughter and humor. Bolstered by Allen Klein's book, "The Healing Power of Humor", she started her project with the goal of teaching Japan about the benefits of humor, smiling and laughter. By her rough calculations, she has helped seven hundred Japanese people smile and laugh."Only 127 million to go!!!" she says. Kusakari has won many awards for her speaking on the topic. Gart Westerhart has written a song on the topic.


For more information, contact Masako at marthakusakari@gmail.com.

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