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Project Director: Clarice Graham Carter, PhD, CLL-E


Purpose: The Happiness Bench is a place where adults listen to children talk and encourage them to identify with something positive in their lives and about themselves. While sitting on The Happiness Bench, children develop self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-expression as they have fun sharing their ideas.


Children are taught how to sort as an early childhood learning skill. The Happiness Bench is a learning center where children practice sorting, choosing and expressing positive thoughts, words, attitudes and actions

to enrich their daily lives. The Happiness Bench is not intended for criticism, gossip, punishment or negative comments of any kind. It is a calm, safe area where children develop a happy, positive consciousness. This is where they capture beauty in happiness, joy in laughter and magic in the love and wonderment of life.


Clarice Graham Carter, PhD, CLL-E, is a professional educator, lecturer, poet and author, who advocates student responsibility and excellence. She is the recipient of several teaching honors including a National "Golden Apple Teaching Award." Dr. Carter's most recent publications include Conte on Let's Talk, an interactive CD; I Can Keep You in My Heart, a book to help children maintain their way through grief; and Win-Win Attitudes For Kids, attitude anchors for children of all ages. She is the founder/CEO of Listen to the Children International Foundation and she is an Expert-Level Certified Laughter Leader.


For more information, contact Dr. Carter at (248) 376-4468, and clarice.carter@sbcglobal.net

at the intersection of science and the art of laughter.

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