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Project Director: Carla Riechman, M.Ed.


Purpose: The Giggle Fest is committed to teaching Laughter Meditation to everyone and anyone with the intention of creating a peaceful and joyful world. We use laughter to give participants an experience of deep rest and relaxation that only meditation can provide. Once a participant has created the sense of peace and joy in his or her own body and mind, then it is possible to spread that inner joy into the surrounding environment.


Carla Riechman (pronounced RICH-MAN) has been called the Queen of Laughter since the late 90's. Her passion i s to laugh and to make people smile and laugh and feel happy. In 2000, after spending many years with her on laughter gatherings, Sri Sri Ravi Shanka (Art of Living Foundation), asked Ms. Riechman to go out and make the world laugh. He told her that she had the power to make anyone laugh and feel better in just a short period of time.


Try a Laughter Meditation with us. You will be amazed at the results.

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