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Project Director & Creator: Godelieve Smulders, Amsterdam


Purpose: Sending internet laughs all over the globe, digitally WRAPPING THE WORLD IN LAUGHTER.


THE IDEA    By massively sending zigzagging internet laughs all over the globe, we envision digitally WRAPPING THE WORLD IN LAUGHTER. So the essence of the project is connection, the format is l@ughter, the final products are a compilation movie of the most authentic laughs offered to the UN as a sign of connection and a book with all 199 countries represented; laughing.


HOW TO PROCEED    We have created smart phone APPs for Android phones on the Google play store and on the App store for iPhones You can download the APPs for free! L@ugh with friends or family and record your own video with the app. Upload the video! You can share your video through social media. Or alternatively, see yourself connected with other world l@ughers !


By uploading your l@ugh you will support Right to Play, a not for profit organisation, led by ex-Olympic champions, empowering children through play and education in conflict zones! Every upload of your l@ughter will pay for helping kids laugh again.    http://www.laughterlab.com

at the intersection of science and the art of laughter.

Laughter Arts & Sciences Foundation

(800) 669-5233