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Project Director: Dave Berman, World Traveler


Purpose: The mission of Daily Laughers is to inspire people to adopt a daily laughter practice for a healthier, happier, more peaceful world.


Dave has been producing laughter demonstration videos every day since the start of 2016. In the first year, mainly thanks to Skype, he laughed with people from all 50 United States and 54 other countries. At the start of 2017, Dave embarked on an indefinite international laughter adventure, traveling to nine countries in the first nine months with no end in sight. At that point, Laugh of the Day videos had featured guests from over 66 countries. Additional extended interviews Dave has conducted are being compiled into his next book focused on anecdotes about the impact of having a daily laughter practice.


A vibrant global community has formed around Daily Laughers on Facebook and other social media, all accessible via DailyLaughers.com.

at the intersection of science and the art of laughter.

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